Central library

The Central Library started in 1985 and launched its programs and activities in the following areas: purchasing and collecting information resources (books, journals, CDs, etc.), organizing and preparing the resources, and disseminating knowledge. The library consists of a wealth of information resources for students, faculty members, and researchers, a list of which appears below:

---44590 books (in Persian and English),

---6109 Electronic resources (journals, books, photos, etc.),

---10 Periodicals in English,

---160 Periodicals in Persian,

---313 research projects and theses, and

---2030 Educational CDs, video tapes, and cassettes

The library is a three-storey building in which different departments/Halls/Rooms are located as follows:

First Floor (Journal department, Serial Reading Room for Boys with a seating capacity of 30 students, Serial Reading Room for Girls with seating capacity of 50 students, Preparation Department, A'l-e Yasin Cultural and Religious Library, Newspaper Archives, Binding Department and Reprography, Journal Archives, and Lobby),

Second Floor (Stack and Circulation Department, Reading Room for Boys with a seating capacity of 40 students, Reading Room for girls with a seating capacity of 60 students, and Lobby),

Third Floor (Processing Department, well-known Persons Museum, recording and Transmission of satellite programs, Research Hall for Boys majoring in MSc and PhD levels, Research Hall for Girls majoring in MSc and PhD levels, CD-Internet-Medline-Electronic Journal Department, Server Room, and lobby).
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